Slag heap grube clara

From 1 July to 8 september also open on Sundays from 10 am to 5 pm

Halde Flyer 44

The Mineralienhalde Grube Clara in Wolfach-Kirnbach offers you the unique opportunity to search by yourself for rare minerals. Daily new supplies of ore from the mine „Grube Clara“, with about 400 types of minerals one of the world’s richest mines in minerals, promisesfindings of rare and beautiful treasures.

Minerals are naturally occurring cristals and therewith chemically and structurally homogenic parts of stones.
Minerals can be divided into ten groups, like for example in elements (groups I), halogenids (group III) or in phosphate (group VIII).
The Grube Clara in Oberwolfach, source of the stones on the stockpiles, is characterized through its very high variety on minerals, which comprehend at the moment 375 different types of minerals. A list of all minerals found in the Grube Clara can be found here.
Furthermore, the
Mineralienatlas gives further information about the most important features of all types of minerals. If you are interested in the beauty of minerals under the microscope, we recommend the following website with a vast variety of Mineralienfotos.

Mineralienhalde Grube Clara
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